Tea Bar

Tea has been around for thousands of years and its health benefits are certainly in line with a healthy lifestyle. We have tailored our tea selection to allow our clients a variety of options.
Strawberry Goji Oolong - This flavored oolong has strawberry pieces and goji berries, which are also known as wolfberries, and utilized in traditional Chinese medicine for anti-inflammatory effects. They have also gained popularity as it seems to have some proven apoptogenic properties as well. Oolongs are partially oxidized and have the antioxidant benefits of both green teas and black teas.
Enlightened Balance Herbal - This herbal blend was created to offer a nice and easy awareness/awakening blend without caffeine, as many people can be very sensitive to caffeine. This was blended in partnership with Miles Coleman of Blackbelt Herbs, who has been a clinical herbalist/TCM practitioner for decades.
Calming Harmony Herbal - This herbal blend was created out of a need for a calming or sleep-readiness tea. There is no caffeine, and it utilizes passionflower, lemon balm, and chamomile for calming, soporific qualities with very few side-effects, unlike other herbal blends.
Green Kukicha Green Tea - This is a very high quality Japanese green tea from Shizuoka prefecture. Made using the stalks separated when producing sencha, this tends to be lower in caffeine and higher in L-theanine as a result.
Blacksmith Blend Black Tea - This black tea is a well-balanced blend of teas from India, China, and Sri Lanka. It has a complex flavor profile as a result of utilizing brighter and slightly sweet black teas, contrasted with malty and astringent teas.


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