Valo Wellness Spa embodies the contemporary evolution of spa experiences, drawing inspiration from the Scandinavian concept of Hygge, which promotes a sense of comfort, conviviality, and overall wellbeing. We offer a range of traditional spa treatments and amenities, including locker rooms, alongside an accessible wellness playground featuring innovative modalities for everyone. Our comprehensive approach to wellness extends to our workshop and event schedule, organic tea bar, thoughtfully curated retail selection, and team of holistic health practitioners.

At Valo, we prioritize the harmony between personal health and planetary wellbeing. This commitment is reflected in our sustainable design, choice of brands, and operational standards.

Hej (Hi, in Swedish) I’m Kelly, the founder of Valo Wellness Spa. Originally from Omaha, I've had the privilege of traveling extensively, which has deepened my appreciation for nature, animals, Scandinavian design, and sustainable living. My passion for wellness fuels my desire to share knowledge and practices that promote overall wellbeing.

Establishing Valo in July 2020 was the realization of a long-held dream. I worked tirelessly with an exceptional team to ensure every detail of Valo reflects its natural inspiration and commitment to excellence. While some details may be subtle, like those in nature, they contribute to the overall experience.

My goal for Valo is to offer our guests a transformative experience and a wealth of knowledge about wellness. I aim to guide and educate our guests on wellness practices that align with their lifestyle, creating a space that inspires and nurtures.

Since our opening, we have been dedicated to providing our guests with clean, nature-inspired treatments. If you haven't experienced Valo yet, we invite you to tour our spa or book a treatment to discover the beauty of our space and the wellness benefits we offer. 🌿🤍
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