Wellness Playground

The Wellness Playground is a delightful destination to experience the latest in 15-25 minute touchless wellness modalities on comfortable zero-gravity loungers. From guided meditations to vibration and compression therapy, your wellness journey starts here.

Halo + Infared Heated Salt

Infrared uses heat waves that penetrate your body, effectively raising your core temperature and stimulating the immune, lymphatic, and cardiovascular systems. Combined with Halo therapy that is ideal for respiratory, allergy, and skin challenges, relax in our roomy, mildly heated infrared booth and breathe in 99.9% pure micro-particles of microscopic Sodium Chloride.

Normatec Recovery Session

Our specially-made dynamic compression suit uses gentle pressure to promote faster recovery and encourage the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Choose from legs, hips, or arms.

Normatec Recovery Dual Section

Recovery session for two body sections in one sitting; choose from legs, hips or arms

PEMF Immunity Boost Mat

Come rest on our amazing gemstone-filled treatment mat and enjoy the benefits of multiple therapies, including far-infrared, negative ion therapy and PEMF (pulsed electro-magnetic fields). These therapies enhance circulation, promote muscle and joint relaxation, improve mood, and support the immune system.

Guided Meditation Session

Utilizing a combination of binaural beats, guided spoken visualizations, isochronic tones and holographic music cycles, you'll be able to rapidly reach a state of meditative calm, leaving you feeling rejuvenated. Choose from general relaxation strategies, or more specific topics such as help with sleeplessness, low energy, or high stress levels.
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Valo Wellness Spa we want to relax and enjoy yourself. Thats why we made our reservation simple to use. 
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