Valo Wellness Spa exemplifies the modern evolution of spa. Rooted in nature and our commitment to the planet, each of our treatments were carefully curated with both in mind. We have designed a space to enhance the harmony between mind and body.
Facial Treatments

The Klok (Wise)

Slow down the effects of aging with microdermabrasion to remove dead skins cells and improve cell turnover, paired with our LED anti-aging light therapy and targeted facial oils and serums, smoothing the look and feel of your skin.

The Lys (Bright)

Microdermabrasion to remove dead skins cells and improve cell turnover and Vitamin C-rich serums to leave your face brighter and smoother. Optimal results can be achieved with a series.

The Valo (Light)

Our signature facial provides a moisture boost and our namesake LED anti-aging light treatment for a radiant complexion. Suitable for most skin types.

The Brud (Bride)

Get your bridal glow on with a gentle papaya enzyme exfoliator and nourishing botanical oils and serums, leaving you picture-perfect for your special day.

The Luomu (Gluten Free)

Gentle yet effective. Treat yourself to the natural power of organic botanicals, leaving your skin fresh, clean, and sparkling.

The Rena (Clean)

Foaming cleanser, gentle exfoliant, and anti-inflammatory ingredients, including geranium and juniper, bring skin back into balance.

The Enkel (Simple)

This delightful facial includes cleansing, massage, masking and moisturizing with high-quality organic products.

The Teini (Teen)

Addressing some of the common challenges of teen-aged skin, this treatment combines gentle cleansing and exfolation with the purifying effects of targeted LED blue light therapy.
Facial Enhancements

Skin Resurfacing

Improve cell turnover and soften, refine, and smooth your facial skin utilizing the latest microdermabrasion technology 

LED Skin Revitalization

Harness the healing and anti-aging power of LED light, incorporated into the facial of your choice.

Wild Crafted Skin Enhancement

Soak-up this sun grown superfood formulated with organic wild crafted botanicals that rebalance and nurture your skin.

Jade Roller Treatment

Promote a glowing complexion with this ancient and effective manual tool

Hand and Foot Scrub

Our plantain exfoliating hand and foot scrub will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. The perfect enhancement to any service.
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Massage Treatments

Valo Signature 65 Min.

Our signature full body relaxation experience includes the application of a healing/pain relieving or anti-aging LED treatment.

Sports Recovery 50/80 Min.

For both athletes and weekend warriors, your therapist will pay extra attention to overworked joints and muscles.

Deep Tissue 50/80 Min.

Swedish-style massage with a focus on deeper myofascial work, tailored to the needs of your body.

Maternity 50 Min.

This massage promotes both circulation and relaxation, with special touches for the mother-to-be.

Swedish 50/80 Min.

Both relaxing and rejuvenating, the long smooth strokes of traditional Swedish massage help to lower blood presure and promote stress relief.

Tension Reliever Treatment 25 Min.

Short on time? We'll focus on hips, back and shoulders for a rapid release of body tension and tightness.
Massage Enhancements

Himalayan Salt Stones

Let the warm healing energy of Himalayan salt stones penetrate deeper into muscles throughout your massage.


Choose the essential oil blend best suited to your physical and mental needs, harnessing the healing power of nature. Choose from Balance, Calm or Renew

Workout Warrier  

The perfect add on forthose post workout aches and pains. Adding targeted massage techniques, stretching, heated towels and premium  topicals to improve circulation, reduce soreness and promote recovery.

Hand and Foot Scrub

Our plantain exfoliating hand and foot scrub will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. The perfect enhancement to any service.

LED Therapy

Harness the healing power of LED light therapy, incorporated into the massage of your choice.
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Body Services

Rejuvenate 60/90 Min.

This customized bodywork session is the treatment you don't realize you need.Bringing together theory and practice of Eastern and Western massage modalities and vibrational sound healing to bring you to a truly rejuvenative body-mind state.

Exfoliating Glow Body Scrub

Achieve a radiant glow with an invigorating citrus exfoliation treatment followed by an application of a deeply nourishing CBD-powered botanical body oil for deep relief and restoration. This ultra-hydrating, antioxidant packed treatment will fight free radicals, enhance cell renewal and soften skin from head-to-toe.

Herbal Scrub

This Herbal Body Treatment exfoliates as well as nourishes internally and externally. This deep exfoliation leaves the skin feeling exquisitely clean and refreshed. The herbal ingredients help to improve blood circulation, encourage detoxification, calm the nervous system, and provide a luxurious, healthy glow. Formulated to work deeply and therapeutically, providing a relaxing and satisfying experience
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