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Amba Devi

Somatic Healing
Bringing with her over two decades of experience in Somatic Healing. Amba shares her love of yoga, bodywork, and the sacred arts of Classical Non-Dual Tantra; she guides her students into deep communion with themselves through the practices of Himalayan Kundalini Tantric Yoga, Mantra, Dance, Vibrational Sound Healing and Integrated Somatic Therapy practices to tap into profound healing and embodied living. A Licensed Massage Therapist, advanced Reiki Master Teacher, and Registered Yoga Teacher she deeply understands the mind-body connection to healing. Amba is available for private sessions in energy & bodywork, group workshop events as well as Women’s Essence Embodiment Coaching individual and group immersion programs.

Finding Saṃtoṣa with Jenn

Saṃtoṣa - pronounced Santosha, is a Sanskrit word meaning complete contentment or cultivating an inner peace and joy that is not dependent on what is happening in our lives.In Finding Saṃtoṣa, Amba (Jenn) will intuitively apply the practices and tools of all the Sacred Somatic pathways to help bring you to a space of deep inner peace through engaging the Soma (body senses).A beautiful ceremonial session where you will be honored as the embodiment of the Divine, feeding the senses in a systematic way that brings one to the essence of Being.This session will include, breathwork, sound healing, visualization, taste, touch and movement; and always home-play to deepen your own personal journey into lasting Saṃtoṣa.

Embodied Breath & Movement with Jenn

Tired of your own stagnant repeating patterns?Lost in the past or constantly worried about the future? It is time to reconnect with the deep wisdom the Soma (body) has to share with you. EB&M is a personalized somatic journey into the wisdom our body holds.Amba (Jenn) applies an Integrated Somatic Therapy approach to guiding you into communion with Self, where we begin to emotionally digest the remnants of what has been left behind.Freeing us from unconscious behavior patterns and false self-belief structures, and shifting life as we know it.

The Shamans Eye (Advanced Reiki +) with Jenn

Dancing between the veils, Amba (Jenn) will guide you into deep discovery of your own healing potential. Guided by the lineage masters of Usui and Karuna Reiki, Munay Ki, Womb Keeper and Nusta Karpay you will be taken on a personal journey of discovery of your own inner wisdom and ability to transform and heal.This journey may include Shamanic Soul Retrieval, guided meditation or Shamanic Journey, deeply connective breath work and always tools and practices to take home for your continued well-being.
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