Tea Bar

Tea has been around for thousands of years and its health benefits are certainly in line with a healthy lifestyle. We have tailored our tea selection to allow our clients a variety of options.


Huntress - A powerful, richly layered adaptogenic tonic that promotes increased vitality, stamina, and creativity. Featuring our Artemis Grey black tea and siberian ginseng, Huntress delivers an earthy astringency balanced by sweet cinnamon and lavender. Aim true. ↑ Be inspired.


Hearth is an alluring rooibos-based blend with rich base notes of cacao, elderberry, and true cinnamon that harmonize with calming aromas of warm vanilla, lavender, and red rose. A grounding aphrodisiac tea that sings open the heart, elevates the mood, stabilizes blood sugars, and tonifies the liver.


“Anahata” means “unhurt or unbeaten” in Sanskrit and refers to the fourth chakra–the heart. Crafted to promote feelings of compassion, serenity, balance, and deeper self-awareness. Notes of sweet basil, fresh jam, lime flower, and clover honey.


A bittersweet digestif crafted to be its own gustatory event. Gastronome helps soothe the stomach and delight the senses. Notes of cream, cinnamon, coffee, and mint. An ideal following to any meal.


A highly approachable, naturally sweet Maofeng green tea cultivated in the Wuling Mountains of Hunan Province, China at an elevation of approximately 6,000ft. As is traditional, this tea is blended with natural Osmanthus flowers, yielding a delightfully balanced tea with floral sweetness.
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